Claudia Harvey Speaks on Stage

Claudia Harvey Speaks on Stage

Claudia Harvey is a sought-after international speaker.

Claudia speaks on and shares the stage with top exports such as Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen and other key influencers in today’s world, Claudia will bring dynamic, motivating and inspiring stories to your next event.

Claudia is known as a woman who understands what drives entrepreneurs and business owners and the challenges they may encounter in both personal and business life.

From pitcher turned investor, from corporate to budding entrepreneur, from start-up to multiple thriving businesses, learn from someone that’s been “in the trenches” and used every experience as a stepping stone for growth. Claudia will impact your event and inspire, encourage, motivate with fresh perspective and insights! Explore with Claudia how she may support your function.

Speaking Topics

Stop Losing Revenue: The Untapped Sales Strategy to Boost Business Growth

Growth Explosion: Combining the Power of Marketing, Finance and Sales in Your Business Strategy

The Networking Formula: How to Create High Impact Relationships to 10X Your Business

The 3 Pillars of Possibility to Maximize Growth and Unleash Personal Success