Claudia Harvey

Claudia Harvey

Memorable Winner and Losers on Dragons Den

April 2012 – MSN Business Article

Dig It Apparel Inc. was Co- Founded with my business partner in 2008 successfully made a deal with the Dragon Kevin O’Leary on CBC’s Dragons’ Den 4th season.  Since inception of the show in 2006, there have been memorable pitchers from the show as the show has become the “American Idol of venture capital” as quoted by Kevin. I am pleased to say that Dig It is a memorable winner and has appeared in 2 update airings since originally airing.  The “Dragons’ Den Effect” or how the airings on the Show affects the small fledgling companies, is discussed. While some companies see a boon in sales, others only see a handful trickle in. There is so much more to being successful than simply airing on this popular reality Show but it certainly is a great help to be shown on national TV!

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