Claudia Harvey

Claudia Harvey

I Went to Inspire and Came Away Inspired (Blog)

I was recently asked to speak to a women’s networking group “Heart of Networking” on how my business partner and I pitched a successful deal for our company Dig It Apparel on CBC’s Dragons’ Den and “slayed” the notorious Dragon, Kevin O’Leary.  The 30 minute talk centres around why we made the attempt to open ourselves up for national criticism, how sealing the deal with this particular Dragon catapulted my business into new unforeseen growth, how our business has developed since airing the first time.  Just a few short years ago I could never have imagined where I am today without taking that leap of faith in myself, my experiences and business background and TRY. I love speaking about this journey and I hope my passion comes across in the delivery and though I came to deliver inspiration and courage, I came away feeling inspired and supported.

The 45 women in this group varied in age and experience. They came from all walks of life, with all kinds of backgrounds and are in different stages of professional and personal growth. Some were from the corporate world, others artists, physical trainers, jewelry makers, you name it, they were a cross representation of smart, able bodied women taking charge of their lives.  There was a common denominator amongst us all…we all come from a place of change and are carving out new paths to our betterment. Every single one of these women adapted their lives to help themselves grow, learn, engage, become more satisfied and mold their lives to meet their life demands while striving for income, fulfilment and balance. They are seeking and attaining personal satisfaction and growth by mining their personal experiences. Those personal experiences are diamonds in their pocket, being used as tools and collateral for paving the way for their success. Their reasons for change vary: some chose to change their career path to be able to take care of an elderly parent or young family; some left the corporate arena and all its accompanying stresses to adapt their career on their terms; some entered a totally new facet and started their own business just a few months ago but all are overcoming and conquering the fears that hold us back and trying to achieve their goals. Without TRYING, those goals are just dreams.

I came away completely inspired by the camaraderie, support, friendship and optimism of this group and while I hope my story inspired them to further achievement and success, they are now a part of my story and I am grateful to have met them all.

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Claudia Harvey is a contributing author with todays’ other influencers including Melinda Gates, Mary Barra and Oprah Winfrey.