Claudia Harvey

Claudia Harvey

5 Easy Ways to Connect Over the Holidays

As an entrepreneur, you know that networking is the key to growing your business. With the Holidays around the corner, you have another opportunity to (re-)connect with prospects and leads.

Here are some easy ideas and tips to connect with others.

1. Plan an event or party that you can invite your customers, prospects, connections to. The event can be a celebration of a milestone, a launch of a new product or service, any reason to gather people in a relaxed environment is a great way to connect.

Often companies minimize the opportunity to celebrate and feel the pressure on the bottom line isn’t justified however the opportunity to engage your connections in a fun, relaxed atmosphere where they feel honoured to celebrate with you keeps you top of mind. So what are great ways to connect that make you feel joyful and accomplished AND helps grow your business?

2. You can be generous of spirit without spending a lot of money.  Take the time to write them a card with a personal note wishing them well.

3. Take a 20-second video on your phone and send this as a text (don’t spam them!) or email. Remember to personalize it. It’s something different and memorable.

4.  Pick up the phone and say hello. Use the topic of the traditional “Holiday” break as a reason to wish them well and segue into connecting in the new year. A genuine phone call in today’s busy world will go a long way… and if you get voicemail, no worries, leave a message wishing them well, no call back necessary and it will be remembered.

5. Connecting with people is effective when you create genuine connections. As you meet people throughout the year, remember something personal about them and ask them for an update. We like feeling we are being listened to and some of my closest friends I’ve made through business events.

Happy Holidays to all and here’s to your success in the coming year!


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Claudia Harvey is a contributing author with todays’ other influencers including Melinda Gates, Mary Barra and Oprah Winfrey.