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It’s the start of a New Year and we can often feel a sense of re-birth. We make “New Year Resolutions” that most often fail and are put aside quickly as we go about our busy lives. As most people do, we turn to social media to connect with our friends and acquaintances. We want to convey best wishes and connect with friends both near and far.

As I scroll through posts, I see a trend. It strikes me that alot of people have felt 2014 was a difficult year to overcome and are happy to move on to 2015.
Everyone has events, hardships, trials and tribulations in life regardless of what they may be for example aging parents, work issues, financial strains, the road bumps of raising children etc. I was recently saying with a longtime friend, it’s what we do with these “trials” that can affect how we move ahead. Do we see our daily events as roadblocks and deterrents that exhaust us or opportunities for a new road yet untraveled? Someone once said to me, “If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.” Well, my response to that is you make your own luck and “luck” is creating opportunities.

Upon reflection of your day, regardless of what day it is in the year, do you have the feeling of achievement or just-having-got-through-the-day. You’ve performed the tasks to reach the conclusion of your day and how you see and view your day can dictate and influence your optimism about tomorrow. Each “tomorrow” is built upon your present day. The future is simply an accumulation of tomorrows.

So really what’s in a day? What is the difference between December 31, 1:00 and January 1, 1:00 except 24 hours. The symbol of New Years can provide us the feeling of newness. Why not look at everyday as this same opportunity for freshness and growth, be grateful we have a new day to greet and enjoy the what the new day will unfold? Let every evening be a “New Year’s Eve” and keep that perspective of re-birth each day.

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