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Claudia Harvey

Behind Every Great Woman, There are Women

Behind Every Great Woman, There are Women

Recently while scrolling through Facebook posts, I saw a recent post quoting actress Charlize Theron, “I think today women are very scared to celebrate themselves, because then they just get labeled.” and I disagree.

I think women are stretched so thin in any given day with the immense demands on our time, energy and daunting daily tasks, that our extraordinary accomplishments are ignored and minimized as we hurl through life at breakneck speed. We are so conditioned to manage our numerous roles such as mother, daughter, wife, friend, resident-psychologist, caregiver, business person, working mom, cook, cleaner, taxi-driver, Victoria-Secret-model-wanna-be etc. etc. that we generate accomplishments every single day without recognition, keep our heads down to simply plow through to the next task. I give men credit for their ability to toot their horns and stand up to say “Look at what I did today”. Not to diminish their accomplishments in anyway, only to make a point that we as women need to take a lesson in doing the same. We need to celebrate our wins and accomplishments, toot our horns every once in awhile, be proud of who we are and take recognition in the fact that we matter to those around us. I for one don’t care about being labelled. Label me if you want but I know who I am and labels are irrelevant to how I live my life.

The saying “Behind every great man is a woman” may be true and I add, “Behind every great woman, there are women.” I would not be the person and woman I am today without my incredibly strong women’s network of friends, colleagues and family to learn from, call on in times of need, lean on for support, look forward to laughing with, bounce ideas off of and boost each other’s growth. We support each other, encourage our goals, cry with us over loss without reserve, empathize with us when life throws us curveballs and kick our butts when we complain too much. We give 110% percent of ourselves as we support others and often to the sake of our own determinant and personal wishes.

I want to express how truly amazing I believe our accomplishments are no matter how small or large and I encourage you, right now, take a deep breath, close your eyes and for just a moment, fully believe and know, you are tremendously appreciated. While in this breath, internalize that your accomplishments are magnificent, you matter and are loved. I am happy to toot your horn and yell from the rafters on your behalf. I celebrate you.

This blog was inspired by my friend, fellow entrepreneur and jewellery designer extraordinaire, Michele Maher.

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