About Claudia Harvey

“I live each day with three words in mind… strength, balance and harmony”

-Claudia Harvey
Global Entrepreneur & Innovator | Inspirational Speaker | 3x
International Best Selling Author | Philanthropist

Claudia is not only an entrepreneur, but a business owner, investor, writer, and philanthropist.

She has lived through many changes in the course of her career, to find balance and positive impact, dedicated to helping others turn their dreams into their own personal success stories.
A successful corporate career left her with little time for her children and she wanted something more – to balance family demands and take control of her life, So she took a giant leap of faith and struck out on her own which opened the door to immense positive impact and global change.

Through lessons in her life, she realized there were three fundamental aspects to building something successful. The 3 Pillars of Possibility™: Business, Emotional and Financial understanding and support, are her fundamental guidelines to building something successful . Without the proper support, we hesitate to take on the unknown. One, surrounding yourself with the proper network to support your emotional growth is essential to growing as a person and a business. She came to this realization after years of cultivating an amazing network of people to support her dreams.


Claudia’s first independent venture was Dig It® Apparel Inc. She created a unique revolutionary product for women that filled a unique need in the marketplace and grabbed the attention of Kevin O’Leary from CBC Canada’s Dragons’ Den and NBC’s Shark Tank. The Dig It® pitch and the resulting deal with Kevin O’Leary opened the door to incredible opportunities – guiding and inspiring other budding entrepreneurs, speaking engagements, and launching and investing in other businesses and inspiring change in others.

See Claudia’s pitch which resulted in a deal with Kevin O’Leary, the infamous entrepreneur of Dragons’ Den & Shark Tank



BG Wealth Group

In addition to operating Dig It® Apparel, Claudia Harvey Inc, Claudia’s latest endeavour is assuming partnership of BG Wealth Group.

BG Wealth Group includes: BG Accounting & Business Solutions, BG Property Holdings, BG Equity Holdings, BG Equity Management, BG Wealth Management and BG Marketing Authority.

BG Marketing Authority

Claudia provides business advisory and support along with her team to help clients build and expand their businesses.

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