Do you want to be remembered as someone who went after their dreams, made some noise, and was "all-in"; or someone who simply played it safe because you were afraid you might fail?

Learn from 10 entrepreneurs who cracked the code to success and how you can too!

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Success Hackers

Conversations with Elite Performers who have cracked the Entrepreneurial Code

#1 International Best Selling Book

Claudia Harvey is a contributing author to the #1 International Best Selling Book Success Hackers with her chapter “Slay Your Inner Dragon and Achieve Success”; read ten real-life stories from entrepreneurs that found the secrets of success. Based on the stories from International Pod-Cast phenom Scott Hansen. Learn key strategies to catapult your business to the next level!

"Success Hack" is a belief, a philosophy around achievement. It's taking an antiquated philosophy and turning it on its head. Success Hackers are the brave entrepreneurs who are always questioning the way "things ought to be", and then blazing their own trail.

— Scott Hansen