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Learn to grow your sales in 8 easy sessions:


Join The Master of Influence™ Program and throughout the

8 weeks you will learn:

  • How to identify immediate opportunities to close business
  • Strategies to increase your repeat customers
  • How to add immediate revenue to your business
  • How to overcome your fears when entering any room
  • To increase your confidence so you will  “own” any conversation
  • Face-forward, strategic branding methods to secure your brand in the marketplace
  • The “4 Pillars of the Perfect Pitch” to use in ANY personal and business meeting
  • To turn the No’s to Close! Effective and varied closing techniques to adapt to any situation
  • How to identify upsell opportunities to add more business to your bottom-line
  • Exactly when and how to follow up with the “Follow up Blueprint™”
  • How to strategically and effectively create personalized, realistic goals that will keep you focussed and on-task to grow your business 6 months, 1 year and up to 3 years out!


You will be given:


  • Approach, Closing and Follow Up systems that take the guesswork out of closing business
  • Closing techniques to match to your prospect’s personality that make it easy to speak to ANYONE
  • Follow-up templates to adapt to your own business and secure business
  • Confidence that will generate an upward spiral of success


Join today for:

  • 8 part series, 45 minutes+ each session
  • On the Go and anytime - downloadable to audio MP3 and/or MPV format to use on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Review at your pace, revisit, and use again and again in the future
  • Accountability tasks with every session to strategically grow your business



Become A Master of Influence and never look back! 
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