Being a woman and a mother of three, I personally want to create positive social impact.
I searched for a cause that's passionate about creating a meaningful difference and transparent in their mandate
that personally spoke to me and I could help champion.

Join me in your support.

Your generosity will impact generations to come and create your own meaningful connection.

Teen Wealth

Because I believe our youth is our future I’m dedicated to helping Teen Wealth a non- profit foundation with a mandate to empower youth through entrepreneurship.

Teen Wealth is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating positive change and empowerment through entrepreneurship programs offered to youth aged 13-19.

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These programs give youth an alternative to traditional paths and through the tools they are taught, they will learn confidence, empowerment, optimism and real life skills that will catapult their foundation into adulthood. The world is changing rapidly and our youth need positive role models, an education that supports the rapid changes of our world and a community of like-minded leaders to support them so they in turn can become our future leaders.





Sonas is dedicated to the empowerment of people through community economic development… with projects such as WeaversProject that focus on micro development to help sustain women and their families in Cambodia. All proceeds revert back to the women in the communities so they can clothe, educate and support their children and families. Yes I want to support!

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