Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. It's never too late to begin ~Claudia Harvey


Workshop: Learn The Power of Letting Go!Fri, Sep 29 2017 - Sat, Sep 30 2017

Are you afraid to move forward so you settle for your status quo?
Stuck in the rut of the same patterns and need to form new skills to break through to the next level? Then YES this workshop is for you! “The Power of Letting Go” is not your average workshop.  We give you simple steps that have great impact. Whatever it is that you want for yourself, you are able to achieve it. Take the first step and learn how in “The Power of Letting Go” Workshop, now in Toronto! Presented by

“I Have An what?” Bootcamp. Turn your Idea into Reality! *Fri, Oct 20 2017 - Fri, Oct 20 2017

“I Have An what?” Bootcamp. Turn your Idea into Reality! *

Turn Your Idea into reality and money! Learn what it takes to take your idea to reality! Launch a business successfully!

Financial Success SummitSat, Sep 23 2017 - Sat, Sep 23 2017

Financial Success Summit

Join me as a guest speaker at this amazing event and learn how to put more money in your pocket! Generate incredible refunds through little-known secrets Utilize everyday expenses to keep more money in your pocket Uncover the secrets the wealthy use to pay minimal taxes Find the hidden gifts in your tax return Upgrade… Read More »

Let It Go Empowerment Retreat – Mayan RivieraSat, Oct 14 2017 - Sat, Oct 21 2017

Join me and Leigh Burton for 6 nights, 7 days for our Exclusive Destination “Let It Go Empowerment Retreat” to release what doesn’t work in your life and learn new insights o bring back to your life and hit the ground running! With expert guest speakers, our Retreat offers mind, body, nutrition and hands-on learning… Read More »