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Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. It's never too late to begin ~Claudia Harvey

Keynote Speaker – Motivational, Inspirational and Business

Claudia Harvey is sought after as a female Keynote speaker providing motivational, inspirational and business insights for corporate functions, association meetings, networking functions and conferences. Having succeeded in partnering with one of Canada’s notorious Dragons from the CBC’s Dragons’ Den...


Claudia Harvey has over 20 years of corporate experience in publically traded and privately held companies. The sales, marketing, operations, finance and logistics understanding obtained in these Claudia is able to offer relevant, workable guidance and business solutions...                    

Entrepreneur | Business Owner

Claudia Harvey is Co-Founder of Dig It Apparel Inc. which began in 2008. Dig It’s original and flagship product is Dig It Handwear which is a unique utilityglove with an Industrial Design Patent. These uniquegloves provide an extraordinary advantage to the discerning woman to protect nails and hands...


Interview with Kris Reyes, Global TVs Morning Show

Mon, Jun 17: The Morning Show’s Kris Reyes sits down with co-founder of Dig It Handwear Claudia Harvey to talk about the challenges of starting up a new business and how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Create Yourself. What is an Entrepreneur?

Claudia Harvey speaking at Toronto Entrepreneurs’ Conference May 30, 2013

Kevin O'Leary - Cold Hard Truth
Kevin O’Leary’s National Best Seller

Dig It Apparel and Co-Founder Claudia Harvey discussed in Chapter 10.
Example of a perfect pitch on CBC’s Dragons’ Den.

“They produced that elusive aha moment… I was sold.” Kevin O’Leary

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Action Think Tank – Ajax, August 6, 10am- 2pm

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Attention Toronto Entrepreneurs Looking for a Faster Way to Get More Connections, Leads, and Money:Join us on Wednesday, 6th of Aug for a day of great networking and business training, hosted by Jane Warr to learn the secrets most business owners will never know about how to use other people's connections, money, and resources to propel... More

Action Think Tank, May 21, 10:30 am and 6:00 pm

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Two amazing events in the same day. I will be speaking with Gordon So and Jenny McKaig in the morning. Learn about successful business start up and unleash the inner author in you!   Register at and use Promo Code CLAUDIATBWS Morning   Evening 

Action Think Tank – Chicago, June 8

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Join us on Sunday, June 8th for and evening of great networking and business training to learn the secrets most business owners will never know about how to get more connections, leads, and money to propel your business to the next level. On stage with James Dentley, Forbes Riley, Alex Makarski, Randi Goodman...all stellar business people that... More

Pitching Eye Dig It -The Shopping Channel, Apr 29/30

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I will be selling Dig It Apparel's Eye Dig It Safety Sunglasses on The Shopping Channel!  See our revolutionary product made by women for women who like to protect their eyes from any DIY project and still look amazing and stylish! 100% UVB/UVA protection in a safety certified frame and lenses. Look amazing in  "Prada-like" sunglasses... More

Business Wealth Summit April 12, 2014

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Join me and internationally renown speakers to fill your day with inspiration, learning, growing, laughing, crying, discovering your passion, making new connections, and hearing the stories of the people just like you who found a winning formula and are now making it happen in a big way. Speaking that day on stage with me will... More

Maximizing the Entrepreneur in You! March 13, 2014

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I will be speaking to the Humber College Horticulture Program about creating your own business and how to launch successfully! This joint program between MicroSkills and Humber offers budding entrepreneurs some advice and in-the-trenches feedback on how the create a business!  

Thornhill Wealth Summit March 29, 1-4 pm

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Hear about the how my company Dig It Apparel struck a deal and slayed the dragon on CBCs Dragons' Den. Learn the 3 top key strategies to slay your own Dragon! To find out more about the event:      

Action Think Tank, March 15 2014, 9am-1pm

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Join us on Saturday, 15th of March for a morning of great networking and business training to learn the secrets most business owners will never know about how to use other people’s connections, money, and resources to propel your business to the next level. Limited space. Register here:  

I Went to Inspire and Came Away Inspired (Blog)

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I was recently asked to speak to a women’s networking group “Heart of Networking” on how my business partner and I pitched a successful deal for our company Dig It Apparel on CBC’s Dragons’ Den and “slayed” the notorious Dragon, Kevin O’Leary.  The 30 minute talk centres around why we made the attempt to open... More