Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. It's never too late to begin ~Claudia Harvey

Speaker | Business Consultant | Author

Claudia Harvey provides Motivational and Keynote Speaking to Corporations, Associations, organizations and conferences. Using real-life scenerios and insights gained from 20 plus years of corporate on how to achieve your potential, and making balanced choices in our fast paced and extremely demanding world we live in, Claudia will bring enlightened, insightful, dynamic and motivating engagements to your event or group.

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Entrepreneur | Business Owner

Co-Founder of Dig It Apparel Inc, Dig It struck a deal With Kevin O’Leary on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. Since inception, Dig It has added new products and sold across North America and other continents.

C. Harvey and Associates is a Consulting Firm that assists any size business to get off the ground, achieve their vision, initiate and maintain their growth and succeed in their chosen niche.

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Reggie Lacina Testimonial

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Create Yourself. What is an Entrepreneur?

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Blackthorn Group – Build Your Wealth – Oct 3

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Would you like to earn more income? Obtain and retain more clients? Increase your client base? Learn how by close more sales and become a Master of Influence. Craig Dunkerely and I together will show you 5 clear strategies to put revenue into your pocket AND save those hard earned dollars! Join me at Blackthorn... Read More »

5 Reasons to Push Back Your Boundaries

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5 Reasons to Push Back Your Boundaries Sometimes we become so complacent in our everyday established routines we don’t even realize we are in a bubble of stasis until we are forced to come out of the “box”. The “box” is what I call the comfort and stability of what we strive for in her... Read More »

Women Building Wealth Summit – Oct 17 2015

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Do you want to increase your wealth? Do you own a business? Do you want the next promotion? Do you simply want to be bigger and better at what you do? If any of the above is YES!, join me as I go on stage to talk about What It Means to Go BIG!

Gratitude – What are you grateful for?

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Recently, my friend and colleague Jenny McKaig asked me, “What are you grateful for?” How many of us take the time in our day to think about this…my guess is not many of us. We go about our days in the bustle of busyness chasing the dollar, shuffling the papers, managing our obligations and forget to smell the roses and count our blessings, me included.