I'm Claudia Harvey,

I’m an entrepreneur, business owner, writer and philanthropist. Building upon the lessons I’ve learned in life, I’m here to help you create your own personal success story.

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The Life you Want is in Your Grasp,
Reach for it

The power to change comes from within, and sometimes you need a helping hand. I’ll help you find clarity and break free of fear and doubt so you can grab hold of the life you really want.

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Discover what's holding you back and tap into your potental

Step confidently into your new life with purpose and empowerment
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Once I began helping people change their lives, I realized that creating meaningful change in the world is paramount to who I want to be. That’s why I strive to give-back in all my ventures – from helping youth to supporting women entrepreneur in developing countries. Learn how you can join me to make a difference.


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